Automate personalized mobile interactions.

Pushing messages to consumers based solely on where they’re standing is almost guaranteed to annoy them. Instead, bridge a person’s offline and online worlds by personalizing an interaction based on the brands of goods they’ve purchased

Motivate shoppers with more than just offers and deals.

While consumers certainly look for a deal, retailers need to consider other supplemental images, reviews, videos and celebrity endorsements to perhaps inspire a purchase. Using beacons to push rich media when someone is standing next to a display can be very motivating (such as showing a photo of an A-lister wearing a jacket that a woman is considering for her husband).

What type of actions can I do with Beacons

  • Welcome and greet customers when they arrive
  • Push specific content to customers as they move inside the store
  • Send them specials, offers and coupons at specific locations in the store
  • Ask them for feedback after leaving the store
  • Connect to loyalty programs
  • Mobile Tour Guides
  • Up-sell Your Customers

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