“Socially Devoted” is another terminology for saying a brand has good social customer care. Socially Devoted brands, as our partner Socialbakers.com mentions, is a brand that understand the shifting paradigm of customer care. They know that the most responsive and dynamic audiences are on social and those people want responses to their questions and issues.

If your brand responds to at least 65% of public audience questions on Facebook and/or Twitter, you qualify as Socially Devoted. The benefits of Social Devotion are clear – Socially Devoted brands get 3.5 times more Interactions than their less-responsive counterparts.

Now that you know what it means to be Socially Devoted, discover the top 5 most devoted industries and brands in the UAE in October 2017 according to Socialbakers.

Social Media Agency Dubai

Many business managers wonder if being socially devoted is important for their company, and what it means to its customers. The answer is pretty simple; to be socially devoted a brand has to keep a two way communication channel open with its customers. It has to respond to queries and complaints and finally, it has to do so in a timely manner. For a long time, business managers limited marketing efforts to bombarding their customers with advertisements. Today, it is clear that customers are interested in brands that are interested in them. If customers like a brand they will buy it, or else they’d rather pass on an offer.

How to Become Socially Devoted?

Companies must utilize social media accounts not only to communicate with their target audiences but also to listen to them and acknowledge their interactions. While the average industry response rate is 30%, it should be no less than 65%. Brands have to take the time to respond to their customers and this response should be well-timed. However, it is important that this time period be brought down to as little as 10-30 minutes.