Saudi Arabia youthful population helps explain the active presence of banks on social media. In Saudi Arabia, The largest number of social media users are aged 26 to 34. Below is a high level look into banks related mentions on social media during August 2015, along with the related sentiment and a quick comparison among banks’ presence on twitter.

Social Media Mentions related to banking in Saudi Arabia (28 days)

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Overview of amount of mentions (from selected topic(s) and filter) per source they are posted on, ranked from highest to lowest number. The graph below shows the sources competing for creating the most mentions about banks in Saudi Arabia. It gives you an instant overview of the amount of mentions per source. The sources are sorted based on the amount of mentions, starting with the highest on the left.

Social Media Sources

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Sentiment of bank mentions in Saudi Arabia

Sentiment breakdown for all mentions (from selected topic(s) and filter) both generally and split into the chosen date grouping.

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Saudi Banks on Social Media – Social Profile Metrics

Overview of the most important metrics for each social profile that has been connected to the selected topic(s). Here you will get an overview of the growth, profile posting activity, profile response activity and the engagement by your community. Next to this, you will also see specific profile metrics per social profile.

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Posts versus Engagement by Time of Day in Saudi Arabia

Overview of when the community is interacting the most with you and when banks are posting activity is highest. This information can be particularly useful when deciding on the best posting time.

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