On the other hand, this will be a boost to the data services, and accordingly, get more users connected through mobile and desktop. MNVOs are emerging to cater for customer segments that can be overlooked by the major mobile network operators. They target diverse ethnic groups in specific regions, looking to leverage international calls to their country of origin and ethnic community specific content.

We hope that the companies below will introduce new creative services and will offer better customer service. Below are the list of the companies that applied:

  1. أكسيوم موبايل (Axiom Mobile)
  2. اتحاد موبايل (فيرجن) السعودي (Virgin Mobile Saudi Consortium)
  3. (اتحاد جوراء ليبارا) (Jawraa Consortium “Lebara”)
  4. اتحاد فاست نت (FastNet Consortium)
  5. اتحاد سفاري (Safari Consortium)

What is a MVNO

MVNOs work independently of mobile network operators (MNOs) and can set their own pricing structure subject to the rates they’ve agreed to pay MNOs. MVNOs do not own any core mobile network-related infrastructure such as radio access networks or mobile switching centers. MVNOs appear as roaming partners of overseas networks if they own their own home location register. Certain MVNOs also run their own billing and customer care solutions called business support systems.